El Encierro





What days are encierro?

El encierro will take place on 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 y 14 de july.


What time does it start?

When San CERNIN clock gives 8.00 am, the first rocket lights corralero with which closure starts each day.


How long?

El encierro not have a specific duration, but the average is usually in the 3 ½ minutes.


How far is the route?

875 metres.


Many bulls run every encierro?

A total of six bulls that run each day closure, which are to be fought in the run of the afternoon in the Plaza de Toros. After they are released halters or tame bulls, which help lead them along the way.


Who’s running of the bulls on the course?

Each enclosure has a team made ​​up of 10 ministers in charge of the races to be as fast and clean as possible. They are dressed in a green shirt and an identification on the back of «pastor».
Within the square are also benders, which aims to bring the bulls to pens as quickly as possible, and for this use the cloak to a hand. Unlike the shepherds, the doublers are placed in front of the bull.


What should I do to run?

The two prerequisites for running of the bulls is to have more than 18 years and be sober.
The access path can only be done by the City Hall square door or the door of the market square of 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., and not need to register anywhere previously, it’s free.

It is recommended to sleep and rest well and do a little warm-up and stretching due.
Traditionally run with a newspaper in hand in order to keep their distance with the bulls and open one way between the other runners.


I can do everything? Travel in an enclosure?

No, you can not make the whole journey in one go, as there are many brokers and the bulls are very fast. The average speed is 14.58 km/h.


How do you suggest running of the bulls?

The best way to get closure is to start slowly and increase speed when bulls are close, always alert to the bulls and other runners. By the time you can not follow, you should retire, leaving free passage to the other people running, annoying as possible.



It is forbidden to run drunk.
It is forbidden to bring backpacks, video cameras or cameras in the journey.
In case of a fall, should not get up.
Obey Pastors and benders.
Do not touch the bulls.
Once the bulls have gone before you, stop running.


How many rockets are in el encierro?

Total of 4.
Closure 1st start
2nd all bulls have left the yard and in the course
Closure 3rd end, the bulls are in the square.
4th bulls are already collected in pens.


Safety in the running

Before closure begins at 4:30 a.m., 60 people cleaning brigade, collect the garbage generated overnight and cleaned all the way.
At 5:00 am, 60 carpenters put the wooden fence that will serve as a refuge for runners and spectators.
A few minutes before the opening of the closure, city officials conducted an inspection of the route.
Throughout the tour there are different doors that are closed in the wake of the herd to prevent the bulls can become.
About 120 police officers and 40 police local control and monitor statutory each of the stages.
16 ambulances, 15 aid stations and 165 people in the health services are located at various points along the route to assist runners.


From where you can see?

The tour can be seen on the street, from the outside of the fence, but you can only see that stretch. A good option is to see it in the bullring, where you can witness live comfortably and the last section (which is the most spectacular), and see also the rest of the way through the two giant screens in the square where transmitted live. In addition you can also witness the spectacle of heifers that takes place in the same square at the end of each encierro.