El Encierro

What am I going to witness to see the closure from the Plaza?


The performance of a band, the giant screen televising the race full of Bull Run, live arrival to sew and then the bulls loose «heifers» for entertainment.


Where I can buy tickets for el encierro?


In the office of the bullring, ATMs installed on the outer perimeter de la Plaza de toros (Paseo Ernest Hemingway and Olite street frontage) in ticketmaster.es and sales network.


Do the same price tickets purchased at the box office than online?


The ticket price is the same forever.


Ticketmaster charge a commission management is announced at the time of purchase.


In ATMs installed on the outside of the square if you buy regular schedule entry box office no fees. If you buy your ticket at the box office hours staffed by closed then we will charge you a fee to be announced before you buy.


Where do I pick the tickets?


In ATMs installed on the outer perimeter of la Plaza de toros (Paseo Ernest Hemingway and Olite street frontage) and Ticketmaster commercial network.


With my ticket, will I have reserved seating to see the closure in the square? Entries are numbered?


Tickets are not numbered. Only on day 7, and at weekends, the entries in the lower part of la Plaza de toros (lying) do indicate the number of lay where has to go.


What time I can enter Plaza de Toros to see the bulls?


On days 7, 13 and 14 from 6:00 am. For these days is recommended, due to the great mass of people, buy your ticket in advance at the box office in the square or other means provided for this purpose.

On 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 the doors of the arena open at / 00 hours.


Does the ticket price is the same?


The price of tickets to witness the closure from the inside of la plaza de toros is the same for every day of the 7 to 14 inclusive.


Do children pay?


On the 7th, and the weekend, you pay for the whole town Plaza de toros (lying, stands and barrage).


On weekdays, the laying (bottom of the square) is free.